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Sounded like Someone~ was playing Joust! :D

.... Soemone get me tons of hamburgers. I need to gain weight if I'm going to cosplay as this. D:

Though this will certainly get dubbed a useless review, I didn't like it.

Though Parry Gripp's music is always a joy, the animation wasn't that great and was downright lazy in parts and it didn't suit the music at all.

Yusuf responds:

You could at least tell me how I could have made it better if you're going to give such a low review, ffs.

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Fun and a cute way to spend time. Though one thing I request is a mute button in game.

Mattster responds:

Options Menu.


You made that "warrior" crap up JUST to troll us, right? RIGHT?
And "goes with your color?" seriously?

It was tolerable up to that point. it's bad enough her coloration is so ugly and everyone was automatically ohai! You're part of the gang now!


No, just no. I love lemmings, I really do, but it's bad enough there isn't speed up button(shoudl have tweaked with it more imo until it worked sufficiently), but even the first level is nearly impossible to get the lemmings in their temple within the given time frame. And drawing lines? Seriously?

Also, erase line button doesn't work.

auvenom responds:

If you can't complete the first level due to time there may be a possibility that your machine isn't capable of rendering the Lemmings at their intended 61fps speed. Draw and erase tools alternate per level, and their simplicity opens up a surprising paradigm of puzzles in later levels which you regrettably haven't seen.

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I would have liked this ALOT better without all the beats. I think the pure instruments themselves sound more fantasy. Adding the beats and cymbal things, etc. all take away from it.

SuperGoodSound responds:

sometimes, more is more - or however that goes ;)


Alright, I really like this.
Usually I prefer the VERY simple binaural beats (the ones with just two tones going bzzzz) but this one is amazing!

When talking about music, I'm a melody whore, and this really is just the best of both worlds. Also, the effect is even better when I play other beats at the same time, but this one stays dominate over all the others and it's all very beautiful <3333

Hello, I am Aya. After a long time of stalking around Newgounds, I've decided to get an account here... How... exciting.... I typically draw and make hand-drawn frame-by-frame anime-styled gif animations. I'm pretty hyper and light-hearted. Talk to me!!

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